Where my clothes come from – No. 6


“Clothes are really important to me. It’s a way of showing myself on the outside rather than just through words. And it’s interesting how people react to you differently depending on what you’re wearing. I get a very different response depending on whether I go out in a short skirt or or a more masculine style.

Having to be stuck in a school uniform five days a week is horrible. I bend the rules to be more me; I wear DMs and my school shirts are oversized vintage shirts.”

Roxy's notebooks
Photographer: Sue Phillips

“The first outfit I remember loving was a silk dress covered in roses which my granddad got me for my sixth birthday. My grandma had a vintage shop, and my dad will still spend a huge amount of money on a vintage suit. Vintage clothes are so different to the new clothes you find in other shops. It’s kind of cool. My favourite outfit at the moment is a pair of vintage 1990s Calvin Klein cord dungarees. I literally live in dungarees. They’re so versatile; you can dress them up or you can dress them down.

I got interested in the ethics of clothes last year, on a philosophy, politics and economics course at my school. We learnt about child labour, sweatshops and high suicide rates in overseas garment factories. It isn’t right. No-one should have to suffer for your clothes.”

Roxy in Milk It vintage festival t-shirt
Photographer: Sue Phillips

“Fashion should be respected for the love and work designers put into it. But clothes mass produced in a factory become an object rather than something special to treasure. And high-street brands aren’t made to last. It’s better to buy clothes that don’t disintegrate and come apart at the seams. When you need something new and you really want it, that’s a good time to buy it.

I buy most of my clothes from East London Vintage Clothing and the East End Thrift Store. Sometimes I get stuff from Depop (an online mobile shopping app), though you have to be a bit careful if you buy online. Today I’m wearing a vintage 70s festival t-shirt from Milk It, and jeans I bought last week from Judy’s Affordable Vintage Sale at York Hall in east London. I like jumble sales too; I got the jacket I’m wearing today from a jumble sale, and my sweater was from a charity shop.

If you want to buy vintage and second-hand clothes you have to be properly ready to put lots and lots of time into it. But it’s completely worth it.”

Photographer: Sue Phillips

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